Welcome to Monster Ambassador!

Quest the wilderness for monsterfolk in this adult RPG!

Latest release: July 22
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Explore new lands!
Monsters of all shapes and sizes dwell across the land!
Who will you find in the forests? The mountains?
Start your quest!

 Seduce monsters!
You're an ambassador, and the monsters in this land are very sex-positive!
How far will you go to make peace? 

 Customize your experience!
Get intimate with monsters who match your interests, and choose what gender(s) of monsters you want to encounter.
Sex scenes are customized to your appearance!

What's New:

The darkness draws near! More info here.


  • The darkness approaches; and with it, the final battle! 
    Enjoy the conclusion of Monster Ambassador: Redux's story.
  • New character portraits
  • Wiki updates 
  • Classy new UI sounds


  • Pine forest is easier to discover during winter event

What's up next:

Monster Ambassador will continue to receive updates inbetween new game releases! Some of the planned content includes..

  • The long-awaited Faun village, and other monster homes
  • Lots more nsfw scenes
  • New monster species & biomes

Current Version:

  • 27 Monster species
  • 9 biomes
  • Quests of varying danger
  • Many intimate monster scenes
Patch Notes:

Sept 7

+ Fixed layering issue with FLamia sex scene
+ Quest in Lamia Palace now triggers
+ Fauns have attack patterns and don't destroy you
+ Can't click out of Lamia Palace while talking about the quest
Sept 8
+ Search & map buttons reappear after Lamia quest
+ Re-entering the Lamia Palace is possible after completing the quest

Oct 15 - Halloween
+ Sound volume stays off
+ Settings back button changed to avoid confusion with Quit
Oct 18
+ Fixed bug where game freezes when talking to Corvals for the second time
Oct 19
+ Can't start new conversations while viewing a monster scene
+ Minigame resets on second playthrough
+ Minigame doesn't freeze on replay

Nov 12
+ Faun & Deathstalker statue appear in shop
+ Slime dialogue can be skipped after first run-through
+ Deathstalker blank intro dialogue replaced
+ Can't click 'run' after already running away
+ (internal) Overhauled organizational structure for ambassador dialogue
Nov 13
+ Ambassadors don't give out unlimited money

Dec 17
+ Desert map doesn't unlock the desert if you don't have enough money 
+ Save & wiki buttons disabled for browser version (WebGL doesn't allow outside links or copy-pasting)
Dec 18
+ Final festive quest dialogue no longer repeats infinitely when visiting the statue garden
+ Dryad encounter doesn't pop up after fighting monsters post-quest
Dec 22
+ Fixed freeze after befriending third monster species

Jan 28

+ Anubi (M) now appears in Oasis
+ Oasis can be accessed
+ Faun x Taur scene triggers in Plains after befriending both
+ Lowered volume of item found noise (no more bleeding ears) 
+ Can't click other ambassadors when talking to Slime (M)
+ Lamia attack bubbles properly sized
+ Fixed glitch when finding a sticker if all stickers are collected
Feb 3
+ Fixed freeze when Lyinx asked for Purple Friend if not in inventory
+ Fixed Cervan appearance when pressing space in Forest

Feb 18
+ Faun art updated in the statue garden
+ All statues are now nude
+ Quit button is now functional in menu
Feb 19
+ Fixed a bug in the settings menu that stopped loading &  patron codes from working
+ Game doesn't softlock after rejecting Nubia
+ Player no longer stuck in corridor after intimacy with Nubia
Feb 22
+ Save & load is working again
+ Patron bonuses (clothes off & double gold) is fixed

Mar 11
+ Attack bubbles display proper color
+ Fixed a but affecting the Cervan & Winter events
+ Player defence functions properly
+ Fixed search & map buttons occasionally not appearing in the Forest
+ Piper no longer gets stuck in the hallway
Mar 23
+ Female Deathstalker no longer gives infinite gold
+ Can't click other monsters while talking to the female Corval ambassador
+ Fixed a dead spot in the plains when Taurals were befriended but not Fauns
+ Purple Friend spawns in shop 

Apr 1
Battle screen doesn't get stuck when a monster defeats you
+ Lapin ambassadors are interactable

May 21
+ Purple Friend can't be used as a health potion
+ Ritual monsters won't appear on the job board
+ Statues in the garden don't overlap the inventory screen
+ Ahzara's animation resets properly
+ Ahzara's animation doesn't get stuck when flipped through quicklyy
+ Inventory descriptions working properly
+ Djinn resize properly with screen
+ Can't click other ambassadors while viewing Shinelle's scene
+ Embassy hallway sized correctly during winter event

June 26
+ Fixed black boxes behind sticker album text at lower resolutions
+ Third statue garden area is showing properly
+ Can't click on other ambassadors while talking to Ares
+ Wild monsters appear properly

June 27
+ Feature blocker for web version turned off for download version

July 1
+ Fixed game freeze after clearing second area
+ Can't get infinite defence from the Qadiri the deathstalker
+ Forest quest now removes when finished
+ Fixed game freeze when talking to the Overseer after meeting the Cervans

July 5
+ Winter event no longer locks the second embassy room
+ Cervan temple can no longer be reached before speaking to the Overseer
+ Overseer only gives out quest to investigate the Lich once

July 22
+ Festive lights don't cover ambassadors in lounge
+ Mac version temporarily disabled while I try to fix it (reported unable to open on PC)


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The regular non Halloween version keeps crashing on the loading screen.

Really wish there was a nonbinary option, but this is really cool!

Thanks! I'm hoping to make a version that focuses more on the characters and less on the sex; and include a non-binary option in that. 

It's harder when you have to make a new piece of art for each gender interaction :') 

is the game still being developed or updated or is it finished?

A remastered version is being developed. There will be some major changes from the original, improved art, bugfixes, and hopefully mobile builds!

awesome! i look forward to it.

my game doesn't work.


Will there be an android version ? 

(つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

The remastered version that will be coming out (not too soon, very much still in development) I would like to make an android version for!


pretty good game i look forward to more! ^^
Also we need more of Fleur he is such a little cutie i request more scenes with him please


Haven't played yet but it seems very interesting!!! Can't wait

Awesome game had allot of fun playing it but ran into two issues, the saving did not work and I also couldn't get pass the Drach section as it kept on giving me the quest. But it is a great game and I really enjoyed it so keep up the good work 😊


I tried getting into it but can't since i can't enjoy it when my character is stuck having guy junk and it gives me dysphoria.


I choose to encounter only male but I encounter girls too, why 

Amazing game! But I don't know how to save game. Could anyone tell me plz?

I'm just getting a black screen, what should I do?

Try the download version!

I would but I can't download on this laptop I'm afraid

The game crashes every time during the loading screen. Is that just a me problem?

Can't wait when the android version comes out😍

(1 edit)

Sorry to be a bother again. I decided to learn a little about my Mac and figured out the first step to open "Twisted Lands & Evil Plans" version on my Mac using the "chmod +x" command on terminal.  MacOS' excuse now is that the Mac.app is too damaged to open. According to what I've read online, zip or rar problems are typically the suspect.

Sauce to potentially help out any future MacOS Users: 



Apparently Unity can't properly make Mac builds from a PC. I'm working to get a fix for this! Until then, the Mac version has been disabled for download.

I have a feeling it's just because I'm dumb, but I can't figure out how to open the file on Mac.


I wish I could help; I can't even test the Mac version. It was asked for so I exported the Mac build the same way I would for PC. 

Unzip the file and look for .dmg or .exe or .app or what macs usually run? 

That's the problem, I can't figure out what type of file it is. The file is just called Mac. I appreciate your response though. I know Mac OS isn't popular, and wasn't expecting an answer. Hopeful, the browser version  will be saveable at some point because I'm really enjoying your game! 

Unfortunately the browser version won't ever have the save feature. The save button gives you a string of characters that you can paste in later to save your game, but Unity's Web version doesn't allow copy / pasting to outside text files. I'm not sure why :/ 

I downloaded the latest version but for some reason it says I can't load save codes on "browser version".  Anyone knows what's wrong?

That bug was fixed a couple days ago, make sure you have the latest download version! I just double checked the current file and it allows saves. 

(1 edit)


Is there anyway to play this in the phone if so pls respond


Is there a way to use android like with joiplay

Hey there/ Anyone knows why game stops dowloading? Click play and it stops on 7% and all

So i got to the bit where the slimes agree to help with the mural but when i go to progress by clicking on my map it keeps disappearing, is this normal or has the game broke (playing the download version)

didn't know where to send the bug report so i thought this would be best

Had the same bug happen twice in different situations so I submitted bug reports

Thank you, I patched it up!


Will there be an Android version in the near future ?


I am developing an android build, but it will be a few releases before it is available.

Any update on the Estimated Time to Arrival for Andoid users?


The Android version will come out when the game is completed; it'll need a full overhaul, so I'm waiting until all content & systems are in the PC version. My goal for that is by the end of the year!

It does not load on the web version. Clicking on the play button just results in a black box.

Some web browsers don't support WebGL. Try the download version!

We can't change our gender at our will? :C


You choose what gender you are by entering an intimate scene! The gender you'll become is shown above that character during dialogue. 

Nothing about your gender shows outside of intimate scenes, so really you could be a spaghetti monster the rest of the time. 

I like the game a fair bit. Enjoyable characters and scenes, if a bit repetitive at times. Problems are prominent for sure though. Every time I start up the game, even using my password save, it sets me back to the very start of the winter questline even if I've already finished it. The monsters I've befriended aren't in the embassy. I have the statues in the garden, but the permits are back in the shop as if I haven't bought them.

Also, not a problem, but I've found the lyinx caves multiple times without running into the observatory. I've also run across the bridge event in the forest but had to turn back. Obviously, I haven't been able to reach the caves for the pixie and alarune content, so I can't say anything about them.

Hoping to see more content and fixes to the more apparent issues I experienced. As well, I wish this project and its creators the best of luck in making it the way they intend and desire.

The observatory is unlocked naturally along the main questline! If you're having trouble finding where to go, try this page on the wiki:

The save system is in beta and currently doesn't cover all events and quests, but when the game is finished it will be completed. The bridge scene is simply a random event that doesn't have further content. 

Hope that helps!

2 things,

1: When is Fullscreen and 16:9 going to be added

2: Is there a discord server or is there not one/patreon locked

The game can only support 4:3 aspect ratios because that's what the art is made in.  Fullscreen may be implemented in the future if it can have black bars on either side to keep the aspect ratio correct. 
There are currently no plans for a discord server. 

The wiki says something about an observatory, is that in the game? I've unlocked everything else but can't find my way there


I got over-eager yesterday and added the new content from the March update to the wiki 😂 so that's not in there just yet, but it will be on the 12th!

hahaha, thanks for all the hard work! I guess I'll have to wait then lmao

how can I use the amulet? because I don't really know how I tried to click it but nothing happens

You don't need to use it, it works automatically.

(1 edit)

Could someone please tell me how to reach the oasis if its possible. Exploring the dessert doesnt really do much :(

(1 edit)

This page on the wiki has the answer! You'll need to buy the Deathstalker statue and then speak to the female Deathstalker ambassador.
Edit: You now receive the map from the male Taural ambassador, Ortin, after befriending the Taurals.

Thank you

Deleted 69 days ago

Try playing it in-browser!

This doesn't seem to be working.

The download version has resolution options for smaller screens as of the latest update.

do the halloween and and festive models exist in the base game? Or are they stand alone bonus scenes or something?


The Halloween event, locations, costumes and nsfw scenes are standalone to that release! The Festive event has been integrated into the main game.



(1 edit)

So, I don't know if I'm just blind and stupid, but how do you save on this game? is it just that I can't see it because parts of the screen aren't visible or something? Pretty sure I also tried Esc, and I don't think that did anything. Would really like to know, since I do like this game. Looked at the images on here and saw that the settings button is at the top right of the screen. I can't see that when I play the game, and even when I go into full screen, it still doesn't allow me to see it? Any way to fix this or is there another way to save the game?


how do I use full screen with the game?

it's like, less than a 5th of the screen and I can varely see things


alt+Enter worked for me

does the desert map actually do something yet? if so, how rare is the event?

It unlocks the desert location on the map. Check out the Wiki for the uses of all items in the game! 

ah ok, i thought it caused the desert oasis sublocation to be able to be discovered how rare is that event for the oasis to appear?

Is there an option to play as a character with a vagina? If not, are there plans for that? Would really appreciate it.

(1 edit)

The original game had this, but it increases the art needed for the game exponentially. Instead what I want to do is introduce other characters that have FxF and other scenes, as there are definite gaps that still need to be filled! 

Edit: The player now changes gender based on monster preferences!


the game has issue 

when i make Alt+Enter it fullscreen right but oversised so buttons on the edge of the screen are hiden and i can't reduce the game size after that (i already tryed to supress it and get it back 

so now i'm stuck at the game creation menu

Deleted 1 year ago

Definitely not, is it back now?

Deleted 1 year ago

Will there be an android or mac download?

(1 edit)

Not android, as developing for mobile would be a lot of extra steps; but a mac build might exist in the future.

Edit (Mar 26 '21) - An android build is in development, but will not be available for a few releases

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